LaseGuide® Series

Enhanced Surgical Laser Fibers

The LaseGuide® Series of premium surgical laser fibers provides enhanced features for successful, efficient procedures. Fibers are single-use, packaged sterile for a 5-year shelf life, and are designed to accept a wide range of multi-wavelengths in 150, 272, and 365 core sizes. LaseGuide® fibers are compatible with both flexible and rigid endoscopes, as well as a variety of single-use and reusable handpieces.

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LaseGuide® Nav

LaseGuide® Series of fibers are designed for safe confident navigation of working channels during surgery. The LaseGuide® Nav fiber protects the working channel from damage during the initial insertion and transitions through tight bends inside deflected endoscopes (deflection not to exceed 1.9 cm).

LaseGuide® Edge

The LaseGuide® Edge features curved, not flat distal edges to decrease scope damage during everyday use.

LaseGuide® Connect

The LaseGuide® Connect ferrule design works with a wide variety of surgical laser systems. The design, within an SMA-905 connector, mitigates the potential for errant energy to damage the fiber, or the laser, through a built-in blastshield.